Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Please Stay With Me Just A Little Bit Longer

I am not quite out of the woods yet as wireless connection drops in and out.
I am waiting for the chap who set it up to come back and sort it out for me.
Mean while here are a couple of old photos of Sally the Wonder Dog.
See how she could smile, she was a very personable dog, I know she thought she was one of "us".
I still miss her very much, she was wonderful company.

These photos were obviously taken whilst we were in one of our waiting for rain periods at the Palms .
In the time we were there it would be no rain at all then too much. However the property was very pretty and it was a pleasure to live in such a wonderful natural place with splendid views from all sides.

This was where Sally was supposed to sleep and stay in the wonderful run. However
People did not stay in dog kennels no matter how fancy they were.
She slept on a dog's trampoline back on the back veranda of our house which sat
next to what one could loosely call a courtyard between Peter's dwelling and Lyle"s and mine.
Sally used Barkingham Palace when we went out only.
You would not need to be a genius to work out who called it Barkingham Palace.
Yes that would be Peter.
There was also a guest accommodation in this area, this was where both Peter's an our visitors could stay
in their turn. Warren used to visit regularly and both Lyle and I looked forward to his visits
I am sure just as much as Peter did.

I will try to read and comment on as many posts as possible. I will not be doing the real photo thing until I am very sure of my connection hanging in there. I am feeling a little insecure just at present. It is great to
be back though even if not fully operational re Internet.
This is what my clock looks like at present due to more call ins than what I welcome or want to do.
Cheers to you all for now Catch you all again later.


Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Yay - great to see you back again. Nice post and pics of Sally. I remember her from my visit in 2000. It was nice at The Palms. Anxious to see pics of your new home. Take care my friend, and hopefully you are really back this time. Love, Merle.

Granny said...

Were you tromping on it or just throwing it at the wall?

Poor old thing (the clock I mean).

Britmum said...

Awww I hope you keep connection. Nothing worse than bad connection. lol

Your dog was super sweet.

Take care xx

HORIZON said...

Sorry to hear that you've been having computer probs Margaret- glad Peter has been able to help out. My daughter Melissa has been having probs with her wireless connection on campus- we're going up this weekend to try and fix it.
Loved the pics of Sally and Barkingham Palace ;)
Keep well and bests xx

Peter said...

Hi Margaret, sorry to hear you are not properly connected, (I guess I expect better from the Hyacinth sp? in you) the kids have all flown the coop so I'm at Warren's for the couple of days before we head for Sydney and/or the bush.
Just to keep my frustration levels up I am installing a wireless router on his computer at the moment... it's working fine on my computer but says its not connected on his????? computers, who'd have one!!!!!!!!!!

Lee said...

Sally looks like she was a wonderful pet. :)

How frustrating that you're still having problems. Let's hope everything is sorted out soon for you...very soon!

Christina said...

glad you're ... sort of ... back!

Jim said...

Hi Margaret. That alarm clock looks like mine after I fixed it, just after I retired.
You can tell, I'm back, and even posted a couple of blogs today.

Jack K. said...

Margaret, great photos of a dear friend. Pets do bring us such comfort. Our Hazel is an angel cat. She has helped Maryann through her several health issues.

Hope you get the wireless thing worked out soon.

Barkingham Palace, what a laugh.

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Margaret,

Happy you're getting back!! :) You'll make it!

Come visit when you can.


Leann said...

glad to see you back.yes computers can be a real drag.I know when i was learning how to work this thing I felt like teaching it to fly out my 7th story window more then once.
hang in there my dear it will work out.
God bless you have a great week.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

HI Margaret, hope the computer problems are sorting themselves out.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow