Friday, October 12, 2007

Here I am Again

Hello everyone, well as I said here I am again.I am still a little insecure to say it is , here to stay but one can always hope. The road to here was very long and rocky. Among the problems were, every time I tried to connect, the computer would connect to a nearby router.
My nephew, computer specialist up from Melbourne told my computer to connect only to my router. Problem solved NO! After a lot of hair tearing and frustration all round it was discovered that the frequency of my phone was the same as the wireless router .
I won't go into all the details as it would take a fortnight and a packed lunch to do so.
Below are the long promised before photos. I really could post another lot right away as the garden has really grown in time I have been unable to post properly.
This is the front entrance as no doubt you can see,

Below was a failed shot to show the garden in more detail.It has a lot more growth in it already.
My photography will no doubt improve . No laughing allowed from Ken and Peter.

It has been so long since I uploaded photos that in itself was interesting this morning I can tell you.
However, I finally did work it all out. First off the photos were in my usual file but would not allow me to move them or upload them.
I finally found them in another file which allowed me to send them to my desktop. Pesky things these computers, they seem to want to have it all their own way.

I am not sure how many people outside of OZ are familiar with the English comedy calledKeeping up appearances, ( this is where my Hyacinth name came from from my friends?)
Well there is a dog that lives behind that fence and my rubbish bins are on the other side. The dog keeps quiet until I am lulled into a false sense of security then lunges and hits the fence barking.
I do exactly what Hyacinth did when Onslo's dog jumped out of the car wreck barking at her.
Yes, I prostrate myself with fright against the bins or fence every time.

This daffodil is very special, firstly My son Justin and his children planted several bulbs which weshared buying as a fund raiser for the children's school. That in itself makes it very special to me.
Secondly it really never should have flowered here as the temperature is so much hotter than where I lived with Justin ands his family.

This is a shot of the back yard, there are quite a few more photos which I will post next time.

I will leave you with this sick Joke.

Pavorotti was at the Pearly gates asking for entrance from St Peter.
St Peter said "You are not on my list."
Pavoretti said to St Peter " I must be do you not know who I am?"
"I am a world famous Tenor"
St Peter said " I have never heard of you you must be on Old nick's list" and sent Pavorotti on his way.
A while later Pavorotti returned to St Pater with a note from Old Nick which read.
" Here is the tenor I owe you."

For those who are not familiar with our currency Tenner is slang for $10 or in the
old currency 10 pounds.


Granny said...

Hi and thanks for your comment.

I sympathize with your computer issues. Every time I think I have something figured out, it jumps up and bites me - not unlike your neighbor's dog.

The double daffodil is lovely.

Peter said...

Hi Margaret, great to hear from you again, I'm glad you had Rellies up to visit who know about computers and hopefully that will be the finish (or danish) of your problems.
Re post editing and spacing, when you edit and create space above and below lines always "save" the changes before posting again.... seems to work.... don't kill me.

Jim said...

Hi Margaret. It is good that I was listening to the rumors that you were working hard to fix your computer problems. All your hard work has paid off.

Here in the Houston area we would watch Hyacinth for years and years on Saturday nights. I think I have seen every episode five or six times.

Finally, that tree hiding your front door has to go. There could be a boogey man hiding behind it.

Glad your back, cheers.

Merle said...

Hi Dear Margaret ~~Great post and wonderful to see you back with us. Your home looks lovely and I hope to see more
of your garden. The daffodil is beautiful and so unusual as well as a great memory of Justin. Don't cut down those palms for Jim !! You have more palms than at The Palms!!
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Gwen said...

Hi Margaret.
Welcome back.nice to see things are setterling for you.
I can relate to that dog RE_Keeping up Apperances lets hope that fence can stand up to the task
Stay Well xx

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Margaret,

I'm so happy to see you back! Welcome!

Your place looks just beautiful. The palms are pretty-and I like them there at the front!


Jack K. said...

Margaret, or is that "Hyacinth"? Glad to know that your computer issues are resolved.

We also watch "Keeping Up Appearances" and enjoy it immensely.

As for the tenor/tenner joke, in spite of it being a bit of a "sick" joke it is quite funny. I am sure Pavorotti would laugh at it too.

Thanks for dropping by my site.

I agree about the tree by the front door. I wonder what the sight would be if taken from another direction.

Happy computing.

Lee said...

Good to see you up and running again, Margaret. Looks like you've setting into your new home well. Stand next to the fence and bark back at that dog! ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad you explained the Tenner/tenor thing, or I wouldn't have gotten the joke.
Cute one!!
Your porch and garden area look lovely.
I can feel your pain with it comes to computer problems. I am using my daughter's latptop right now because mine is broken.

Jeanette said...

Hi Margaret. welcome back. nice to see your over your computer problems.
Your new home looks lovely and I hope that dog stays on his side of the fence... take care Jan