Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The real Me

Hello everyone, yes this is the real me posting once again, even if ever so briefly.
Peter kindly brought my computer back to on Monday.
My wireless connection for broadband was installed this evening just before
I arrived home from work. I will do a proper post in the next few days.
I just wanted to say hello and thank all of you who have hung in there through all of
my trials, I do hope and pray this is the last. I will soon read and comment on all your sites.
I am a little tired and typed out for today as I have been on a work computer for over 8 hours today.
I promise I will catch up with you all soon and post some photos of my new abode.
By the way a huge big thanks to you Peter for all your help.
Love to you all ,Margaret


Peter said...

Hi to the real me and welcome back again, we must surely have exhausted the evil witch of computer systems by now!!!!

Merle said...

Hi Dear Margaret ~~ You have sure had some troubles, so I hope all goes well now. Welcome back my friend.
Looking forward to seeing photos of your new home. Are you happy with your job? I hope so. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Jack K. said...

Welcome back. I know I missed reading your posts.

Peter is a saint. Glad he could get you back among the cyber-gang.

I hope Peter told you about It is a great place to post your photos. You will be able to make a slide show and post on your web journal for all of the rest of us to enjoy.

Take care, and remember to...

Serve others, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart.

Granny said...

so glad you're back.

JunieRose2005 said...


So happy to see you back!


Jeanette said...

Hi Margaret, Welcome Back and I hope all your computer problems are over look forward to some photo's... Jan

Lee said...

Welcome back, Margaret...good to have you back with us. :)

Merle said...

Hello Margaret ~~ Are you having more trouble? I hope it is because you are too busy that we haven't heard from you. I hope you are well my friend. Never give up !!
Love, Merle.

Gwen said...

Hi Margaret.
Welcome back,cant waitto see your new place.
Stay Well talk soon.

wazza said...

Gidday Margaret,

Hopefully the wireless broadband will solve all your problems. It's good to have you back and look forward to seeing your new posts. Sometimes it's difficult to find the time to do a new post especially when you're on the computer all day at work and then have to/want to spend more time doing a post.