Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A fill in post

Hi folks, this is Peter, I'm doing a short
post for Margaret as she has no ISP at the
This coming on top of her recent illness
has had her feeling pretty depressed, to
the degree that she talked of giving up
blogging, not wanting to see that happen
I suggested that I would do this post
explaining that she will return when she
gets her broadband back again.

It is amazing how things seem to conspire against
somebody at times, Margaret has certainly had a run like that lately,
losing her Husband and then her youngest son in rapid succession.
With her illness putting a cap on things and now computer related
problems just for the frosting on the cake.

It is Justin's birthday on Saturday 3rd Feb, it would be a nice surprise
if she were to come back to a lot of cheery messages when she returns.


Peter said...

Welcome back Margaret, when ever you make it back, hope you are feeling better.

PEA said...

Dear Margaret...I kept coming to your blog every day and was getting worried because you weren't I know why! Thank you Peter for letting us know what has been happening!

Hopefully your internet will be back up soon! I can imagine how I would feel without it, I'd be lost! Oh please don't ever stop blogging, you are always a joy to visit:-)

I know how much you miss Justin and with his birthday coming up, it will be a sad day for you...just know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs xoxo

wazza said...

Gidday Margaret,
Dontcha just love dem computers. When they're working they're great, but when they're on the blink, they're a pain in the butt.
Don't give up Margaret, just look you've had over 2,800 odd hits on your blog, so there's alot of folks who've been to your site, so it would be a shame for you to stop blogging.
Get well soon and hope to read about your return to the blog world real soon.

Jack K. said...

Margaret, if you were to close this site down I would be crestfallen. I look in every day just to see how you are doing.

It is a bummer when things go the way they have for you lately. Please remember that you have a lot of friends and fans out here in blogger land.

So, as we used to say back in the 60's, keep on truckin'.

PS: Thanks to Peter for this update. You are true friend.

Marcus said...

Sorry to hear you're not well Margaret and the computer is playing up too!
I confess I don't visit your blog very often but I've just spent a very enjoyable 20 minutes reading back through several of your posts, there's lots of good stuff here.
Really liked the No Bell Piece Prize and Pullet Surprise, very clever.

Hope you're felling better and blogging again soon.


junierose said...

Dear Margaret,

Please don't even think of giving up blogging!

It's so good to have this connection with so many people. We all need that!

...and I, like Pea, have been checking back here every couple days to see if you've posted!

Thanks to Peter for letting us know what's going on with you. (Peter is such a good guy to everyone!!)

See you soon Margaret.



Britmum said...

Dear Sweet Margaret

I have checked your blog everyday because I have missed you so much and have been worried about you. I know we live a million miles away from each other but know you have a friend in Phoenix. We are connected you and I.

Take care xx

Lee said...

Hey Margaret...don't you dare stop blogging! We all will miss you!

I pop in each day to see if you're please don't disappoint me...your words are is your company!

Thanks, Peter, for keeping us up to date with what's happening. I was feeling concerned for Margaret's welfare so it's great that you posted. :)

Tammy said...

Oh Margaret...please stay with us!!
I hope you get well very soon!!

Jim said...

Hi Margaret. I have been checking your blog all the time too. I was worried about your health (the virus post you know).

I tried to post yesterday when I saw Peter's update but it wouldn't work. There were nine on ther already.

Maybe this one will work. BCNU! :)

Meow said...

Hi Margaret, I am another one who has been worried about you. Hope you are feeling better, and your internet connection is up and running again.
Hope you are back with us again soon.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Jeanette said...

Dear Margaret,Please dont even think of giving up blogging... I am another thats been popping in and been worried about you.Sorry to hear your not feeling very well.I know how you must miss Justin even more so on his birthday. Take care Big hugs hurry up and get well... Janxxxx
If your reading this peter thanks for keeping us updated.and blogger is playing up, yours is one of the sites cant get in to comment.. Jan

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ It was great to hear from you as I had been worried also.
I had e-mailed but didn't know the line was down. Anyway all's well that ends well. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and bring out my old favourite "Don't be sad that he has gone, Be glad that he has been."
Looking forward to your next post.
Lots of Love, Merle.

Raggedy said...

Hello Margaret,
I came over from my dear friend Merle's blog.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Take care.

annadams95340 said...

I asked Peter to send you my best wishes because I couldn't get in here (stupid blogger) to comment.

Or his, I sent him an email.

Now I'm here and looking forward to your return.

DellaB said...

Hi Margaret,
I hope that things are picking up for you now - being without the computer is a nuisance, but sometimes it can be a blessing too, for me anyway, I can catch up on sleep and stuff like housework.

It's very clear you are missed when you are not here, please try and stay with us if you can.

much love

Leann said...

thinking about you dear.Ill keep you in my prayers.God bless you and keep you in his hand and comfort you in this time.

Gwen said...

Hi Margaret..
Dont give us away we will miss you terribly if you do.
Keep your chin up Marg,things will get better you might not think so now but they will. xxx
Thanks Peter..