Monday, October 09, 2006

The Wedding

The Wedding that I attended on Saturday was a very special event. The blushing Bride was on of the RN’s who works at the facility where I work. Naturally the bride was beautiful they always are, so were the bridesmaids, as they usually are. There are no photos available at this point.

The venue for the wedding was a park at Golden Beach which is right on the foreshore. The bridesmaid’s frocks were of a very unusual green which looked stunning in the setting of sea and palm trees.

There had been seating placed with a pathway between which had been strewn with roses for the bridal party to walk over to where the Groom and his aides were waiting.

The Ring bearer and his little flower girl looked like a miniature bride and groom very cute.

There were a number of volunteers who assisted quite a lot of the residents to attend the wedding ceremony itself. The Bride had prepared a few nibbles and some champagne and beer for these resident to partake of after the ceremony and before they returned to the Aged care Complex.

The residents who were unable to attend the wedding itself were not left out, the entire bridal party including parents of groom and bride visited them “at home” to a facility, decked out in festive splendour by the staff on duty.

The reception was a great happening, belly dancers performing, as well, they danced with guests this caused riots of laughter. Someone who shall remain nameless was only to glad to be roped into the frivolities of the evening.

The Bride and Groom stayed for the whole party which was great joining in with all the guests, on the dance floor. I arrived home at 1200. No Prince charming and no glass slipper, ( I was not really looking). So happy to have been part of such a great event. By the way each guest was presented with a crystal bride and groom teddy bear in a lovely whie satin chest probably about 6 inches by 6 inches.

Today the residents are still full of conversations about the beautiful wedding they were blessed to be a part of, everywhere I went in the facility they were holding forth about it with such pleasure. What a wonderful and unselfish gesture on the part of this bride to share so gracefully her very special day.

Not The Bride and groom!

A couple had planned their holiday at a terrific resort, at the last moment they discovered they could not arrive together due to a problem with her flight back from a business trip. They decided that he should arrive on the correct day and she would follow him the day after.

He duly arrived and emailed her of his arrival, unfortunately in sending the email he made an error in the email address, this caused the email to be received by a very recently bereaved Vicar’s Wife

The email read as follows:-

I have arrived safely,

You will like it here,

One is free to do whatever they wish,

You are able to send emails, hence this one,

It is really very hot here though.

I am looking forward to your arrival here tomorrow.

The widow's sister found her leaning across a table in a dead faint!

Two mates are camping in the outback. It’s the middle of the night and they’re both sound asleep in their tent when one of them lets out a yelp of absolute agony. As his friend awakes, he sees a snake slithering away out of their tent.

“That bloody snake just bit me on the bum!” cries the victim.

“ Quick find the nearest phone and find out from a doctor what we should do!”

With that his friend runs a couple of kilometers down the road until he fins a phone box. Gasping out what had happened, he asked the doctor on the other end for instructions.

“Well”, said the doctor, “you must go back to you friend as quickly as possible, cut a little ”X” with a penknife where he was bitten and suck out the venom---but do it quickly or else he’ll die!”

“Thanks doc,” he says and runs back to the camp site.

Relieved at seeing his friend return, the other camper says in a panic-stricken voice,”Well, what did the doctor say?”

“Sorry mate, he says you’re gunna die!”

On that note I will leave you all to it. Have a great week all and take care Margaret


Merle said...

Hello Margaret ~ The wedding sounded lovely and what a caring bride for being so thoughtful and kind to folk who appreciated her generosity. Glad you had a good time. The jokes are good too. Glad you are enjoying the garden project at your facility. It sounds a lovely place. I have some very nice pelegonium plants and I love them. Thanks for your comments
my whole life these days is slow. I like your quote Slow and steady wins the race. Only problem there, I'm not too steady. Thanks for the Parer work e-mail.Love, Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Margaret, I hope you were sober when you arrived home at the witching hour!!!
Have a look at "Judy's" site on my sidebar she has a descriptive post on the paper cutting.