Friday, October 06, 2006

A Christmas Message

Once upon a time, in a land far to the north, St Nickolas woke up on Christmas Eve morning in an absolutely foul mood. It had been one of those weeks when nothing had gone right.
The elves had gone on strike and he had been up most of the night making toys, he had a bad case of the flu, and his wife wouldn't stop nagging him.
He went outside to load up his sleigh with the bag of toys and the bottom fell out of the bag, so after spending half an hour picking up the toys out of the snow, he had to hunt around under the stairs for another bag,
he burnt his fingers on the match he was using to see with and bumped his head.
He went out to the shed getting crankier by the minute, to find four reindeer sick and that he'd have to make do with only two, so, as he was putting the harness on them, one of them kicked him in the guts and knocked him onto his backside into a fresh pile of reindeer droppings, wrecked his only clean suit and broke the harness.
While he was sitting around in his shorts waiting for his suit to dry and sewing the harness, the doorbell rang and scared the life out of him, he jabbed the needle right through his thumb, tripped over the coffee table and stubbed his foot on the chair!
He finally got the door open to find standing there, the Angel who had come to deliver his Christmas Tree, she asked him " Where do you want me to put the tree?"


Hello every one hope all is well with you all. Just a very short post this time as I have just finished work this afternoon, did a bit of shopping and caught up with a few things at home.
In the morning I want to make sure I finish the work and washing early so as to be able to attend the computer club.
There are a couple of things happening that I am not triggering so I need a little help to sort it out.
I will then come home and get myself ready for this wedding I am going to.
On of the other therapists are picking me up and giving me a lift with them, this means I can have more than one glass of wine and not worry. I could of course caught a cab if I wanted.
Hope you enjoy the Christmas poem, Look after yourselves in the manner that you deserve.
I will catchup soon.


Peter said...

Poor Santa, or should we say poor angel?

Jim said...

Did I get you started on Christmas too soon?
Merry Christmas, Margaret.

Jeanette said...

Hi Margaret
Thank you for your kind words they were very much appreciated.

Nice poem It feels like we have just gotten over last Christmas.

Oh poor santa bumped his head, burnt his fingers, ETC. Take Care, Jan

Merle said...

Hi Margaret ~ Poor Santa, it's a wonder he didn't cancel Christmas.
I hope you enjoy the wedding that you are going to. Also the computer club
That should be a help. Although, you are doing very well. Take care, Love,

JunieRose2005 said...


:) I always like stories about Santa!

He's my favorite guy! :)