Saturday, September 16, 2006

What a Week

Hello everyone out there, I am becoming a little frustrated with my blogging.
I almost threw it all in this week, Merle and Peter have hung in there with me
yet again with encouragement. I will persevere. The frustration was the things
that were not happening me were things I was manageing to do easily. Then I can't?

I have had a pretty rugged week aside from blogging, I did not sleep well
last night woke again at five am this morning. I rose out of bed and turned on
the computer,typed and typed telling the whole world the reasons I am at this
place in this time that I wish I could return from. Boy were you all lucky! I had
typed reams, the blogging world was saved by a tiny mouse. Yes I made a slip
with the mouse and lost the lot.
I would say it was divine intervention protecting those who could have read it.

I enjoyed my time at the computer club today, there was a tutorial on making
cards, email cards etc. It will be good for me to get back into all of that.
I find that I had forgotten so much of it after not using a computer for such
a long time. The cards and poster making can be very helpful for my work apart from the fact that is is interesting.

I am wanting desperately to make a trip to Gympie, not only to catch up
with Jackie and Ken who I have been promising to visit forever, but it would
be beneficial to have some more blogging tuition from Peter. I know there
probablyare always going to be some problems crop up, this is to be expected.
I am not looking for the happily ever after blog ending.

I needed to do my shopping after the club, ran into one of the other therapists from work.She came back and had coffee with me at my place. That was very pleasant,she and I are both off for the weekend. This is my problem with the Gympie trip I have been working five days a week, Saturday and Sunday off is good but does not give me too much time to get away.
The usual homely chores do need to be done, also I must say a good rest is a given, I am pretty tired after five days I can tell you.

Well that is it from me for the present do look after yourselves, make every minute with your loved ones count, I will say a special prayer for anyone who may be feeling like myself.
Until the next time cheers everyone Margaret


Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Sorry you have been feeling so down and hope you are OK again. This blogging is great when things go well, but like you I have thought of throwing it in lately.
But we muddle through at least for the present. The computer club
sounds good. Thanks for your comments
Take care of yourself Margaret, Cheers, Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Margaret, good to see you made it back, tuition awaits.

Granny said...

Please persevere. I'm selfish; don't want to lose my Australian chums.

Lately I've been copying my longer posts (before save or post), pasting them into an email which I then send to myself. If my post disappears, I just post it right back from the email copy.

If blogger cooperates, I delete the email.

There are other ways to prepare a post (using Notepad or Word for example) but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~ Thanks for your visit and comments. My Spring has sprung I'm afraid. John helped put my curtain back up, including a new one.
So it all looks nice and fresh, but there is more to do. Take care, my friend, Lve, Merle.

Granny said...

Your latest post showed up on bloglines but not here. I'll try again later.

Jim said...

Hi Margaret -- I would have liked to have been able to read what you wrote. This happened to my daughter Susie and she just quit blogging [except for this spring when she was my guest author while Mrs. Jim and I were on holiday].

I do like Granny when I think blogger is acting up.
I change over to HTML every so often, and for sure before trying to post.
In the HTML mode, I copy and paste into MS Word. Copying the post in HTML saves your colors, line breaks, and even type size. And the picture references too!

I also move my pictures [if I can get them uploaded] by moving the HTML for that picture.
Experiment a little and it will work out.

Jeanette said...

Hi Magaret
Hope your feeling ok again, thank you for your comments .
I must be lucky sometimes .I havent had any problems blogging.
Take Care Keep Smiling, Jan