Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday post

Hello everyone, I have once more been very busy for the past week.
I have been off work yesterday and today. It was time for some serious house
cleaning and catching up on washing all the fun things of life. Earlier in the
morning it was time to cast my vote. We have been having state elections
here in Queensland. There has been the usual endless blurb. It appeared
more annoying than previous times I thought.
I have joined a computer club here in Caloundra, I believe it will broaden my
knowledge, and I thought it would be a good way to meet new people with the
same interest. I did not however go to the weekly meeting yesterday I
stayed home and caught up with everything as previously mentioned. Just
too good to be true really!

I have some very good friends that I have had for quite a long time, they are
either living in Brisbane or up at Gympie, my family are scattered between here
and Brisbane also. I also have a lot of family still in Victoria. There are quite a few
people at St Mary's that I could socialise with, they are usually at work when I am
home and so on. Hence my idea to join the computer club.

It has turned cold again here in Caloundra, we are having some more rain
which is great. I have taken my gas heater and put it away, maybe that is why
we are having a cold snap at the moment. I went to church this morning, came
home after picking up a few things from the supermarket on the way. Had a
nice ham and salad lunch with fresh bread roll. From then I have continued
to have a nice relaxing time. Well that's it for me for the time being, I am
hoping to have a little more time in the near future to spend more time on my
posts instead of the rushed moments I have had of late. Take care out there.


Peter said...

Hey I expected to see a photo here what happened?

Meow said...

Hope the cold snap has gone again. We are in for some amazing weather this week ... I love Spring. Hope you have a wonderful week. Take care, Meow

Jim said...

How about that computer club! You will meet a lot of helpful people, soon you might be a computer guhru.
When you figure out how spend less time for more at blogging let me know. I spend too much time on it.

Merle said...
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Merle said...

Hi Margaret ~~ Good feeling to catch up on the housework. I liked the joke "get off the footpath."
Take care, Merle.

Peter said...

Hi Margaret, I have done some comments on 4 sites while logged in as you, holtieshouse, Merle's new site (now on your blog roll) and Warren's (also now on your blogroll) in each case you only have to answer the WV letters and Publish, nothing else as long as you are logged on.
I also posted a couple more at Ken's site this time; select "other" and put Margaret in the top line and your site address in the otherline,
This will create a live link back to your site, unlike the first try where I used Margarets Memoirs on the second line, the comment goes in OK but no live link, once you have done this the first time you should only have to double click on the lines to have the choices show up automatically.
So get back into blogging, if you have troubles with photos just do text until your next lesson.
Remember If you see Margaret displayed you don't have to do anything bup WV and publish.

Merle said...

Hello Margaret ~~ I am so sorry you are having more problems. Please persevere as it is such a great thing - this blogging. We meet terrific people and we all care about each other. Stick with it, please as it is so god for YOU. Love, Merle.