Sunday, September 24, 2006

Peaceful Views

Hello everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend. I am back home in Caloundra once more. Looking towards having a full on week of work from tomorrow onwards. It is very strange driving around the local area here at present, one is constantly reminded of Steve Irwin the whole time by signboards advertising Australia Zoo .They have always been there but I seem to notice them more now.

Australia Zoo is situated within the confines of Caloundra city which some people probably realise. Some of local buses are brightly painted and bear larger than life pictures of Steve in action. Everywhere there are reminders of Steve.There have been so many well deserved tribute posts I have read these past couple of weeks, everything that could be said in Steve's honour has already been said.

Here in Caloundra the loss of an international icon, a remarkable wild life hero, becomes the young fella the local son who made good big time, with his hard work and dedication, his bloke next door attitude. He put Australia on the map world wide by being the "Aussie Bloke" that he was,. Hs dedication to conservation, his country, his local community was uneqauled he really was "True Blue."


These Views were taken from Montville towards the coast. They show the beauty of the surrounding locality
of the coastal hinterland. One could admire these views forever and a day.

I cannot take the credit for the actual photos. They were taken by either Peter or Rex.
Well taken were they not. Until next time Take care everyone. Margaret.


Merle said...

Hi Margaret ~ Nice photos, especially the second one -more trees Isn't tranquility a lovely word? I got an e-mail petition to have a life-size statue of Steve put up at Australia Zoo. But you probably have seen that sort of thing up there.Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the post. My wisteria is still full of flowers, but also a carpet
underneath. Glad you enjoyed your
blogging lessons with Peter.He has
lost patience with me lately.
Take care, Margaret, Love, Merle.

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I see you are a friend of Peter's and Merle's.
Nice photos. I would love to have seen Steve Irwin in action at his zoo. He is missed by many here in the US. What a loss for us all.

Jim said...

Hi Margaret -- Wow, you are really getting the hang of blogging now! I'm glad you are liking it.
Do you write poems also?

Adi isn't a wonder dog, but she thinks she is people.
Adi is also a therapy dog. One year we tutored fifth grade readers. Now we go to assisted living homes.
We are registered with 'Delta Society' through 12/31/07. I'm not sure if we will recertify after that.
Mrs. Jim is also certified with Adi. We are required to test every two years.

Did you know Steve personally. Most of in the U.S. knew about him after the baby and crock thing. Maybe not by name though, until his death.

Peter said...

Looks like the trip paid off Margaret, well done I can see the things you've done that we talked about, great stuff.
Pity about the Paw paws though and Norma's jars.

Jack K. said...

Well done Margaret.

The next step is to post more of your photos. I seem to remember pics of one or two cats.

Make it a great week.

Merle said...

Hi again Margaret ~ Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the Oops
joke. I can relate to that, when I had a mastectomy 27 years ago, before the op they used a marker pen to put a big X on the WRONG reast. Oops.
Cheers, Merle.

audrey` said...

Hi Margaret
How are you?
I came from Peter's blog.
You're blogging very well =)
Enjoy yourself.
Take care.

Meow said...

Caloundra and surrounds is a beautiful part of the world. I have a good friend who lives in Kings Beach, and we stayed at Dickie Beach just last year for a couple of days.
Hope your week is going well.
Take care, Meow