Sunday, September 03, 2006

A few jokes

A man and woman were having a terrible arguement, finally he stormed
out of the house and off to work, throwing the last word back over his shoulder
" You are no good at sex either".
He became very contrite over his behaviour and decided to ring his
wife to make up. After some time had lapsed, she finally picked up the phone.
He asked " Where the devil have you been I have been hanging on for ages".
She replied "I have been getting a second opinion".

I overheard two snakes chatting. One said " Hey,Clem, are we poisonous?"
The other asked "Why?"
The first one replied, "Beacuse I just bit my lip">

Have you seen Dolly Partons' new shoes?
That's OK neither has she.

The scarecrow , the lion and Bill Clinton arrived at the Wizards house.
The scarecrow said "I'm going to ask for a brain".
The lion said "I am going to ask for a heart".
Bill said "Where's Dorothy?".

A little girl asked her father. "Do all fairy stories begin with once upon a time?".
Her father answered "No some begin with If I'm elected"


Peter said...

Bit of a waste of time Dolly buying new shoes!

Margaret said...

You got that right!

Jack K. said...

And war stories begin with, "No crap, this really happened."


You can probably insert your favorite expletive. lol