Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lass O'Gowrie

This garden was the very first we saw, it was very beautiful and the contrast of the landoutside the garden was in great contrast.

View from the garden to the land outside showing just what contrast there is.
My husband and his family had property not very far from here as the crow flies
or in "Outback speak". He was a member of the council for some years for this vast shire.

The designer and labourer of this garden used to run a native nursery on this property She has just closed the nursery down and is devoting her time to this garden. She states that she is working on unit one of a five stage plan. Her husband owns a earth moving plant and often away digging dams etc.

When we saw this garden it had actually already peaked a couple of weeks prior, however I think you will agree that the plants are still flowering well, especially the roses.

These photos are of one huge long garden bed that I could now show the blooms to advantage had I taken it all in one view.


Peter said...

Well fancy you taking photos of roses!!!!

Jack K. said...

Beautiful photos.

Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Dawn said...

Lovely roses!!