Sunday, November 04, 2007

Charleville Still

Lass O'Gowrie Garden. This is the permanent water hole on the river Ward that runs through the property.The water that is pumped out is metered and paid for. This water is not used for household or drinking as it needs filtering and chemicals to purify it enough for that sort of use.
The household water comes from rain water tanks. We talk a walk from the house to this water hole and learned quite a bit about the diverse native growth in this area.

The women of the west are very stoic about the lack of rain due to drought, what may keep tanks going is not enough to run a cattle or sheep property to a viable degree. Some of the people wemet are just able to get on with it by changing course. They do not like to be patronisesd about their hardships. Of course there have been a lot of tragedies on the land where people have just had to walk away on properties that have been in the family for generations. Some have taken another way out sadly as they just cannot cope. Sadly the suicide rate is very high in some country areas.

Below is a view of the house, these houses all have enclosed verandas which are very cool and are really necessary to combat the heat. This is a side view we had our morning tea in the garden at the back of
the house under the shade of the beautiful big tress. Not a Coollibah in this case.

Below is a view of the front garden if you look closely you will see that chairs where the tables were set out for us to enjoy the repast that the women of the house had prepared for us.

I did attempt to post another photo here my server and/ or Blogger were not playing the game for me. I do hope that these photos are of an interest to everyone not only the gardeners. I have the potential to have enough photos in my camera to bore anyone silly. Cheers until next time Margaret


Peter said...

Hi Margaret, I wondered about going "out west" for a garden tour but I see now that we may be in for a treat, may I suggest that when you resize your photos you leave them a bit larger so we can see the full effect, (I think mine are usually about 800 X 600) and they should load onto your blog quite well.
Keep 'em comin'.

Jack K. said...

Loved these photos, too.

Keep them coming.

Jamie Dawn said...

How very nice the landscape looks there.
It is so sad that drought has meant disaster for many.
What a tragedy that the suicide rate is high because for some it has gotten too difficult to handle.

Thanks for sharing your photos!! :-)

Jeanette said...

Hi Margaret,OOHHH what a beautifull garden such a contrast for the the others keep the photo's comming im never bored looking at them... Jen

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Margaret,

What very interesting posts these are. These pictures are great!

Boring, you say!! No way!!

I'll be back to catch up on ALL that I have missed.

Junie Rose

UKBob said...

Hi Margaret, thanks for showing the pics, they are lovely. Its hard for us to imagine having so little water. I hope you intend to show us some more of your holiday pics. Bob.