Sunday, August 19, 2007

Still alive.... Still in trouble

Hi all, it's Peter doing a fill in post for Margaret... AGAIN.
Marg. is still having trouble with her internet connection at the new house, which
is lovely by the way, there has been a steadily increasing list of problems over
the last couple of months which collectively have stopped her blogging progress.
The most serious is the constant problems with the broadband connection, it now
appears that the modem (second one used) and the line filter (also the second
one used) have been contributing to this problem.
During one of the many battles she has fought with her ISP supplier and the
people from whom she bought the latest modem, some divine intervention told
her to install password protection on her computer... she did this and is now
locked out of the system as it refuses to accept the chosen password this
effectively means that we can't back up anything prior to reinstalling
Windows, if anyone knows a fix for this I would love to hear it BTW.
Just as soon as we can get the system running and the internet connection
fixed Margaret will be back on the airwaves again.
I'm going to post this at holtieshouse as well in case some readers miss it here.


Merle said...

Hi Margaret ~~ Good luck and I hope this soon works for you as you have been missed.. Glad to hear that your house is lovely and settled.
Hoping to see you back on the air soon, my friend. Love, Merle.

Jack K. said...

Peter, you're a good man. I hope that Margaret will be back on line soon.

Leann said...

your a good man peter.tell her we miss her and we will be here when she comes back.
glad she found a nice place to live.tell her to pray for me Iam looking to move into something bigger to.
God bless both of you.wish I knew how to fix the problem but dont know how.
my way to fix this computer is to pray and start pushing keys.
then I say Lord I sure love this computer but if ya dont fix it Ill teach it to fly out this 7th story window.
and ya know it works every time.soon its fixed.
he got it for me and so I am real sure he knows how to fix the darn thing.

Jim said...

Well Margaret, I don't have any good ideas. You have been missed a whole lot.