Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Practice Holiday

Hello everyone, this is a red letter day for me!

I am going away for a long weekend to Grafton Jacaranda Festival
for four day break. Practising for my real holidays that start on the
13th November until the 26th November.
I will catch up when I return, hopefully with lots of photos to show.
Until then take care everyone. Margaret

As promised this is a condensed history of Cobb & Co.


wazza said...

Hey Margaret what do Merle and Peter know about the pink colour and the sarong. Hava great time in Grafton.
I was down there a few years ago (not for the festival) but the jacaranda was in full bloom and I took a couple of very colourful photos.

Peter said...

Hope the jacaranda's are in full bloom for your visit, I can't remember whether you mentioned any holiday plans??

PEA said...

Have a safe trip Margaret but also have some fun:-) Look forward to seeing the pictures!!

Jeanette said...

HI Margaret
Have a great weekend at the festival,look forward to seeing your many photo's on you return.
Take Care Keep smiling, Jan

Granny said...

Thanks for your comments today. We had a great time and yes I managed to salvage one cup of hot chocolate from the mess (didn't lick it off the stove or the floor).

Good article about Cobb & Co. We have a company here in the US which started off like that. It's called Wells Fargo and I've banked there for years.

Enjoy your trip.

JunieRose2005 said...


Enjoy your holiday. Will be looking forward to your pictures!


Lee said...

I love jacaranda trees. They are in bloom up here at the moment and look magnificent, particularly with the agapanthas in bloom beneath them.

Gympie has some wonderful jacaranda trees as well. I still remember them from when I was a child growing up there...and fortunately, they were still alive and well when I returned to the town to live for the ensuing four years.

Jim said...

Hi Margaret. I think you are about back home now. I hope you enjoyed your practice.
I also enjoyed and learned from your 'Cobb & Co’ write-up. Are they still in business?

Meow said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend at Grafton ... a pretty town.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

UKBob said...

Have a good break Margaret.