Sunday, August 20, 2006

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla were driving around the greater grounds of
Windsor, Camilla was at the wheel of their big range rover.

One of the Queen's Corgis ran out in front of the car and was killed.
Chuck and Cammy got out of the range rover fluffing around in great
consternation. Cammy said "whatever are we going to do?, I am already
unpopular with Mummy". Chuck was scratching his head and said to Cammy "
yes that is true, Mummy is going to be so upset as this was her very favorite
dog, whatever are we going to do". Just then a little Genie popped out of the
bushes, he said you are both very lucky as I can grant you just one wish.
Chuck said " that is just marvellous can you fix the dog and make him well
again?". The Genie walked around and around the dog looking very worried.
He finally said" I really am afraid I cannot do anything about the dog, is there
another wish you would like granted?" Chuck looked over at Camilla and said
to the genie "Could you make Camilla beautiful?" The genie said "let me take
another look at the dog!".

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Merle said...

Hello Margaret ~~ Another good one.
You are getting into the spirit of things now. I hope you are having fun.
Love, Merle.