Monday, August 28, 2006

My Surprise Day Out

I have been particularly busy this past week working extra hours as one
therapist was on holidays, another one came down with the flu. I
did not work at the weekend, was rostered off Saturday, Sunday and today
Monday. It was not a good weekend for me as I had fallen into one of those
black holes that I am prone to fall into because of the death of my husband
and youngest son. It will be my Husband's birthday on the 30th and the first
anniversary of his death on the !st. On my birthdy the 7th of August a much
beloved niece of mine died under very tragic cicumstances. Hence my not
really wanting to face the world.

However, as I was sitting after having breakfast contemplating several things
that I could do to keep myself busy and grounded, my phone rang. It was
Peter's daughter Vicki. They were on their way to Montville and rang to invite
me to go along for the ride so to speak. It took me about 2 seconds to answer yes.
Montville has always been one of my favorite places to go.

Montville is atop a mountain range with picturesque views from all sides and
many different shops to browse through. The array and diversity the craft
on offer in these shops is excellent. It is a very popular destination for a day trip.
It was such a great surprise for me and I had a truly wonderful day.
I am ready to face the world again in a much better frame of mind.
We had just returned to Caloundra to drop me off at my house when the skies
opened up with some very welcome rain.

Peter and his son-in-law Rex spent time on my computer fine tuning a few
things for me which will make things a little easier for me. That is always a
good thing. Well that is enough of my ramblings for now I think.


Jack K. said...

Margaret, my condolences to you. At such a sad time it is nice to know that there are those who love you and will appear when you need them the most.

It sounds as though you had a wonderful time in Montville.

It is good to see you are up and running on your blog.

Peter said...

Very glad you enjoyed the day at Montville Margaret, it certainly is a lovely spot for a day trip.
Stay strong.

Jeanette said...

Dear Margaret
Keep your chin up and try to remember the happy times you had together. I understand what your going through its my hubby Alans anniversary 2 years October 7 Im glad you went to Montville With Peter I love the shops there and the view is breathtaking ,hope you had your camera with you.
Take Care Keep smiling.

Merle said...

Dear Margaret ~~ Sorry you were feeling so down with birthdays and anniversary, they are hard to take.
So it was good to have a trip with Peter, Vic and Rex, glad you enjoyed.
Take care Margaret Love, Merle.

JunieRose2005 said...


It sounds like your friends came along just at the right time to see you through. That's wonderful!


Jim said...

It is good to have friends who are thinking of you, isn't it?
My Mom died on my Mother-in-law's birthday. That also is a mixed feeling day.

There is a Montville in Maine, USA. My greatgrandmother, a Cram, moved from there to Nebraska. Montville, Maine, is very pretty also, there are several Montvillea, an East, West, North, and Montville Center. All are exceedingly small.
Perhaps one of you took pictures?