Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Living in Caloundra

Caloundra is a coastal town just north of Brisbane,
on a strip of coast locally known as the sunshine coast.

The climate is very pleasant with lovely sunshine on
most days. Caloundra also has good rainfall. We are
very fortunate here as that means that we do not have
the severe water restrictions that other areas less
fortunate have. This does not mean that we are not
conscious of practicing responsible water conservation.

Caloundra is a very popular holiday destination. There
are plenty of activities to please all age groups from
surfing,jet skiing, boating, and fishing. Here are 
lovely bush walks plenty of interesting shops for 
visitors and locals to browse through, movie complex, 
entertainment centre and plenty of shopping centres 
for tose who like to shop till they drop.
There are wining and dining places in abundance which
cater from very informal to highest level of formal, 
takeaways of all types for those who like that.

I live within walking distance from all of these
venues as well as necessary medical services and 
anything else one would like to name.

I enjoy gardening; this is where the good rainfall
helps, as I have to hand water very little. I have 
a number of favourite things that I like to grow; 
whilst my garden area is not large I can grow enough 
to keep me happy.

My furry friends enjoy being outdoors and help me to
garden by batting and swinging on weeds and plants 
alike. They also like to curl up on plants for a 
sleep; it is their opinion that plants should really 
be flat. I don't share that opinion with them 

I work at an aged care facility called St Mary's aged
care, at Pelican Waters which is about ten minutes 
away from where I live. This facility uses " best 
practices" in the care of the aged, has a very caring 
management and excellent core staff who deliver the 
best care possible.
My husband Lyle spent the last four years of his life at
this facility.

I am able to walk for as far as I wish along a very
lengthy Boardwalk along the seafront. I am only two 
blocks back from this and at night I can here the 
waves breaking which is a sound that I very much enjoy. 
I do not have any photos of where I live but shall do 
my best to remedy that in the near future and post some 
pictures of this very pretty place.

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Meow said...

Caloundra is lovely. We spent a couple of days there last year, at Dickie Beach caravan park. My bestest friend in the whole world lives at Kings Beach. What a wonderful part of Queensland.
Take care, Meow